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Solar water heaters tap into the unlimited reserve of solar energy to get hot water right into your homes. We provide you with the most simple and cost effective solutions for hospital, homes & hotels.

It is an one time investment for the supply of scalding hot water, right into your baths, for ages to come. 

All Green Buildings invariably use solar water heating systems. Most Municipal corporations in India have made solar water heaters mandatory.


With over hundred satisfied customers & 3 Lakh LPD systems installed, we can humbly say that we are well equipped in satisfying your solar water heater requirements.

Metrics for Capacity Calculations for Solar Water Heater


Office No. 6-B, 6th Floor, Siddhivinayak Chambers Premises CHSL, Gandhinagar Bandra East, Mumbai-400051


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +91 9833804366 

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